Done With Love

Roll With Me

Devil Didn’t Show



Atlantic Ave

Chasing Ghosts

Ocean’s Rising

One Hand


Done With Love

Riding Trains, hoping you would learn to call

as i learn to fall.

Run through morning views.

But now the country’s passed, and I’m moving fast

I’ve seen enough… Done enough… Drank enough… 

Now I’m done with love

I’m insane for heading east.

But the smell of you, they’re all the same.

Switching lanes and lover’s names

but the smell of you, they’re all the same.

Roll With Me

I might forget. She might get upset with me.

She might regret. She was only nineteen.

Want to embrace. Let’s demonstrate the ways… you’ll see.

We’re not going to behave. We’ll take advantage of the days we’re free.

Because if the moon stops shining, I’m gonna be your light tonight.

I’m gonna roll. Will you roll with me?

I’ll stumble and fall but I’m bound to please

and I want you to call, when there’s something on your mind

call for me.

Want to embrace. Demonstrate the ways you’ll see.

Let’s not behave. Let’s take advantage of the days we’re free.

I’m going to be somebody it might take a while, but I want you there for every mile.

Devil Didn’t Show

I packed up my six-string with one thing in mind.

Slipped on my hat, my boots, took a walk outside

Stars afraid of the moon on a cold, dark night.

I came to a crossroads, where streets have no name.

Put down my guitar and stood like I was waiting on a train

and from my lips escaped an ancient name

but into the night the words just drifted away…

I pulled from a bottle to shake away the cold,

Thought upon every thing I’d heard, every story of old.

I stood lonely as a crow in the middle of the road

but little could be bought for what I had to be sold.

Now the bottle’s nearly empty, six-string in hand.

Invocations washed away like castles in the sand

but this next line is hard to understand.

I tossed the bottle to the night, and it never hit land.

Into the darkness I did cry, I feel like coming home

Into the darkness I did cry, got nothin’ but my soul

Into the darkness I did cry, but the devil didn’t show. 


I failed to tell you apart from one another

but I’m not going to push you away

this bed’s not big enough for another lover

so i’ll let you figure out who stays

Her mouth. Your teeth. Her nails. 

But I’ll bleed. 

I took you for only one good woman

I wondered how you had love for days.

My head is spinning around somebody

And I’m lost inside your games.

Went to the doctor, looked at him and said,

“I’ve got a problem going through my head.”

He looked at me, said, “I’ve seen this before, you’re just lacking that rock n’ roll.”



Step outside the car, I’ll have a smoke, you’ll take a drag, but you barely know.

We’ll stand under the stairs, light filters through your hair, and you barely know.

We’ll swear that we’ve changed like Texas bringing rain, no…. no.

Your silly little waist in my arms. Our twisted fate… no.

But the taste, the last night that you let me stay. 

You let me have it all my way.

Yeah, the taste. 

So I go out for a ride, all this speed, I’m getting high out on the road.

Impulses drifting by like lightning bugs at night, and I barely know.

But you never played fair, because in the wind I find your hair, oh no!

So I turn this car around. Headlights and gravel sound to sell my soul.

So I’m coming back around, through your door, I can’t control and you barely know.

The flames are in the air, they’re on the floor, they’re on the wall, they’re in my soul.

You’ll swear it’s the last time, with fingers on my spine, I’m lost.

But I’ll be sure to make you mine. All mine.


Atlantic Ave

You’re in the water, the rockin’, the up-down, the sway.

It’s hitting me now across the lake.

Smoke patterns, old colors in the harbor where they hang.

What was the last thing you touched? Are your hands still there? 

Old love, are your hands still there? 

I’m going on alone.

You’re in foundations, square dancing’, collections of scraps.

Across the lake see how they react.

Smoke-patterns in the frames in wood panels how they hang.

Red lips of a lover beside me as we lay.

A pain in my ass, never go away.

To the mountains, bright flowers in the darks of our days.

How will I go on without your love?


Chasing Ghosts

Guaranteed to be like poison, but I’ll try it anyway

I’ll fall asleep behind the wheel

When you awake, we’ll be soaring through sophisticated colors,

Oh, these shapes they’ll make you feel.

I’ve been creeping through your window,

I’ve been chasing ghosts,

Sleep walking through your front door,

Hit where it hurts the most,

Chemical or not, I feel I’ve got to let it go,

I’ve been creeping through your window.

My body aches yours is sliding through bed-sheets undercover,

stay awake, but lost right here,

Oh your eyes, black black black as night

They don’t see mine, because mine aren’t real.


Ocean’s Rising

I don’t know what you’ve been told, because our saving grace is not black coal.

I’ve been singing all my life, and all I’ve gotten is the sharp end of the knife.

There’s poison in the ocean and the ocean’s rising, and I’m not supposed to be surprised?

I don’t know what you’ve been told, nobody’s going to carry us out of the old.

I’ve been searching all my life, score another quarter, but it won’t hide my strife.

There’s poison in the ocean and the ocean’s rising and I’m not supposed to be surprised?


One Hand

See me traveling for so long.

Say I’ve got to settle down

but baby knows I was built for the road

so together, let’s burn down this town.

So I keep one hand on the bottle

And the other right on the wheel

Simple man I’m born to ramble

But you know I’ll keep you near.

I’ve seen the mountains, I’ve seen the coast

and I’ve been down to San Antone

May get turned around, I may get lost,

May get drunk, I may get stoned.



Don’t want to be 61 years old, thinking to myself I could have been so much more.

I’m an old man in the sea. I keep dragging along.

I don’t want to be 67 years old. Bitchy and bored, I can’t take it anymore.

I’ve got the wrong kind of eyes. I can no longer see those waves break and roll.

But when the bottle lets go I’ll be face first on the ground. Wondering how long

I’m going to keep myself around. If I stay to long I’m going to watch this all come down.

And I don’t want to see it all come down.